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SHAME, VIOLENCE, AND THE GOSPEL OF PEACE IN AMERICAN SOCIETY (available as a seminar, and soon to be available as an 8 week curriculum

The purpose of this seminar is to understand division and violence in American society, and to find practical ways that we can fulfill our vocation as peacemakers through the power of the gospel. The forms of violence we address include both violence against oneself through things like addiction and self-harm, and violence against others. We will do a deep dive in psychology, sociology, and theology in order to see how the gospel of peace proclaimed by scripture meaningfully addresses the most pressing concerns of our times. 

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CULTURE SPEAKS WORKSHOP: Understanding Culture to Fulfill Our Callings

Culture is behind everything, and yet the ways it works are often invisible to us. Cultural differences exist not only between ethnic groups, but also between generations, religions, classes, and even genders. Culture applies to nearly every form of division, conflict, and failed communication between human beings, and it also applies to bridging the gaps between these groups. As Christians, we are called to reach out across cultural gaps and be workers of reconciliation. 


This workshop is about uncovering the often invisible cultural dynamics that influence ourselves and others, and that can create complicated dynamics in cross-cultural work and communication. The way we do this is through gaining a deeper understanding of our own cultures, and learning how to use that as a springboard for better understanding the cultures of others.


  • Global Christianity and Missions

  • Christian Environmental Ethics and Biblical Theology

  • The History (and Reliability) of the Bible 

  • How to Read the Bible

  • Early Church History: Connecting with Our Ancient Family

  • Demons and Angels: Biblical Theology and Practical Application

  • 21st Century Witness: Communicating Good News in Contemporary Culture

  • What is Critical Race Theory (really)?

  • Postmodernism

  • Christian Responses to Feminism

  • Contextualization

  • Topics in Old Testament 


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