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L I V E   G L O B A L 


Live Global's purpose is to elevate, support, and empower national and indigenous Christian leaders to do Gospel work. We believe that we need the whole Body of Christ — working in unity across dividing walls — to make this possible (learn more).

Effective cross-cultural partnerships are a powerful and God-given way to further the cause of Christ. These kind of partnerships happen when people from different cultures are seated together around the Gospel, at tables where all are equally heard, present, and dignified. When we strive toward unity-in-diversity and Christ-like love, we empower each member of the Body to make the best use of their own unique gifts in their own ministry contexts. But, cross-cultural partnerships are not always easy, and many barriers stand in the way of making these partnerships authentic and effective. 

I N S I G H T 

We facilitate intentional conversations between scripture and our cultures, in order to address barriers to cross-cultural unity. This has two main reaches, which affect both the majority/"western" and national/indigenous sides of partnerships:

      1. Insight helps to develop ways of doing Bible studies and teaching scripture which are culturally-conscious.

         When national/indigenous partners gain insight on how culture impacts the reading and proclamation of scripture, they become more

         empowered to reach their own cultures and contexts more effectively (learn more). 


      2. Insight helps Christian workers and partners to become aware of how their own culture and background affect their cross-

          cultural relationships and ministries. 

          The more aware we are of our own barriers to unity (especially as western Christian leaders), the better we will be able to understand the

          cultures of others. Scripture can teach us to see both the beauty and the brokenness within ourselves and our cultures so that we can

          partner with one another in greater love and humility.


Insight's goal is to help cross-cultural partnerships to thrive, and to see indigenous Christian leaders flourish in their own contexts. 

I'm seeking people and churches to partner with me through finances and prayer, so that I can continue to serve and support indigenous leaders and cross-cultural workers. To learn more, visit the Support and Giving page. 

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