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Praying Hands

Who are We?

Supporting National and Indigenous Leadership

What do we do?

We are an organization that exists solely to support national and indigenous Christian leadership around the world. We network to help national and indigenous church leaders overseas (often called "national partners") to connect with other Christians in the west in mutually edifying partnerships, where God is using both partners to fulfill the needs of the other—spiritually, educationally, financially, and in every other way. 

Why does it matter?

Cross-cultural partnerships are essential, both to the church's witness as a people of reconciliation, and to its mission to call every tribe, tongue, and nation. We need each other if we are going to succeed in fulfilling these tasks. The better connected we are, the better able we are to love one another and further God's work in the world. Our specific role is particularly important in places where Christian workers are more isolated because of persecution, war, poverty, or other barriers. Oppressive governments and religious extremism often make it difficult for workers to reach out safely, and communicate effectively with potential supporters and partnerships outside of their communities. Our network is set up with security and anonymity to keep these workers and their communities safe.

How do we find and vet potential partners?

We get hundreds of requests from potential partners every year, but we believe in working through relationships. We only pursue a partnership when that person already has an existing relationship in our network. This keeps us close across distances of geography, culture, and language, and makes it easier for us to help one another.

Once we learn about a potential partner, they are vetted through personal visits. We never come to give advice or directions on how to run their ministries — rather, we come to understand what their work is, and to determine if and how our network can support them.

All of our partners are people who's work is 1) gospel-centered and consistent with our beliefs and values. But more than that, they are also people who display 2) visionary leadership, and 3) creative methods — they know how to be salt and light in their communities, and are always thinking about the best ways to do it. They are also people who, like us, want to work relationally and with 4) collaborative effort. And finally, they are people who have an 5) all-in approach — they know what they are called to do, and are ready to work consistently to accomplish it.


In addition to developing national and indigenous partners oversea, we are also working to expand and resource our partnerships in North America and elsewhere. Personally, I won’t be able to do anything without my own network of partners — encouragers, financial supporters, and prayer partners. If you would like to receive my updates, pray for me, or support me financially, feel free to contact me for more information. May the peace of God be with you!

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