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For Communities on Mission, People in Doubt, and Christians in Many Cultures 


W H A T   W E ' R E   A B O U T


The All Things Institute exists to promote research, resources, conversations, and community organizing efforts aimed at holistic peacebuilding which addresses polarization, marginalization, and violence of all kinds—both against oneself in the form of addiction and self-harm, and against others. 


We believe in holistic and interdisciplinary approaches to the complex issues of violence. This includes integration of spirituality and cultural wisdom, in addition to insights gained from research disciplines. While we begin our explorations from within the Christian spiritual tradition, we also incorporate the social sciences and other research disciplines, and our conversations are for people of all backgrounds. We especially aim to promote these conversations across cultures and national boundaries. Finally, we wish to ask serious questions about both violence and peacebuilding within faith communities, especially the Christian ones from which we come. 

The All Things Institute is currently running two separate but related projects: 

"The Peace Project" explores questions about peace and violence through diverse scholarly disciplines, and with diverse global conversation partners. We are particularly interested in how shame and identity concerns make people prone to committing acts of violence, either against themselves or others. Read more here.

"A Kind Revolt" is a forthcoming media platform geared toward those who wish to ask serious questions about the Christian tradition and the contemporary forms of Christianity which have such profound global influence. In many places, Christian faith is at a moment of crisis. We want to explore what this moment of crisis means, and how it may open up new avenues for pursuing the peace of God in every area of life. 


Come join the conversation. We have four primary ways to begin:


through resources

Books, videos, curriculum, and more are currently in the works! 


by inviting us to speak

We would love to share and learn with your organization, church, or other community group.


through consulting 

We seek to shed light on the roots causes of division, polarization, and social separation in your church, organization, or community. We also help businesses and organizations think through good peacemaking ethics in marketing and practices.

by investing in our work

We can only do what we do because we have a team of grassroots financial partners, volunteers, and those committed to pray. 

S I G N   U P   F O R  

M O N T H L Y   N E W S

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